Quick Tips to Help You Move Like a Pro

Dated: April 6 2021

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Packing, timelines, organization...moving isn't always easy. Here are some of our tips for making it a little more enjoyable!

  • Laugh it off. Things will go wrong!
  • Pack a little every day and start as early as possible.
  • Decide what (if anything) will need to go in storage.
  • Take pictures of your valuables, and include serial numbers if possible. Insurance companies love this!
  • Get rid of as much as possible! Don’t be afraid to let go of your old stuff. 
  • Order new furniture to be delivered to your new home and have it assembled for you, if possible.
  • Register your pets in your new city.
  • Get different sized boxes and put heavier items on the bottom as you pack
  • For expensive or fragile items, ask your movers for special packing supplies and boxes ahead of the move.
  • If you have donations, try to schedule a pickup at your house instead of dropping the items off at their location
  • Scheduling a mid-week move can save money. Movers are busier on the weekends.
  • Board your animals on move-out and move-in days, if possible. Chasing Fluffy out the door every ten minutes will slow you down.
  • Measure your furniture before you move it to your new home to make sure it fits.
  • Socks make great packing stuffers.
  • Colored tape can make a great marking system for which room the box needs to go into at your new place
  • Take pictures of your new home before you move in especially if you are moving into an apartment or rental.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy extra moving supplies. Just keep the receipt so you can return the unused supplies.
  • Transfer your mail, set up utilities, and set up home services at least two weeks before your move. Use a moving concierge service like Smart Connect that will help find the best rates and make these connections for you!
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Quick Tips to Help You Move Like a Pro

Packing, timelines, organization...moving isn't always easy. Here are some of our tips for making it a little more enjoyable!Laugh it off. Things will go wrong!Pack a little every day and start as

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